“After the first death there is no other.”

thomasdylan2(Après la première mort, il n’y en a pas d’autre)
Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) – Fourreau édition limitée de Empty Souls

Extrait du poème de 1946 A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London

Texte original :
“Never until the mankind making
Bird beast and flower
Fathering and all humbling darkness
Tells with silence the last light breaking
And the still hour
Is come to the sea tumbling in harness.

And I must enter again the round
Zion of the water bead
And the synagogue of the ear of corn
Shall I let pray the shadow of a sound
Or sow my salt seeds
In the least valley of sackcloth to mourn

The majesty and burning of the child’s death.
I shall not murder
The mankind of her going with a grave truth
Nor blaspheme down the stations of the breath
With and further
Elegy of innocence and youth.

Deep with the first dead lies London’s daughter,
Robed in the long friends,
The grains beyond age, the dark veins of her mother,
Secret by the unmourning water
Of the riding Thames.
After the first death, there is no other.”

Dylan Marlais Thomas (27 octobre 1914 – 9 novembre 1953) était un poète gallois. Il est considéré par beaucoup comme l’un des poètes les plus influents du XXème siècle.

Voir la rubrique Personnes pour une biographie plus complète.

Thomas a écrit ce poème après le bombardement de Londres par les Allemands.


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