“A life / our life / always together, forever / drawing strength from one another / two beds, two heads, one mind / locked in / locked up / creating / stories / inventing life / you and me / you are me / I want to find a part of me / that doesn’t belong to you / a poisoned mind / this is our game / virgins on the dole / tried a little witchcraft / trying to be invisible / someone is driving you insane. / it’s me / stares and signals / my perception. your rerception. clashing / you are me / you and me / you are me / a passing breeze across the sky / dreaming / separated / burning inside / this is our war / this is our life / who will give in / you or me / a division within and between / separated / only one should lose / I was missing from the world / you gave my life back to me / this is our life / this is our game / we once were two / we two made one / we no more two / through life be one”

gibbonsjunejenniferJennifer et June Gibbons, alias les Jumelles Silencieuses – Clip de Tsunami

Jumelles galloises qui à un certain moment ont décidé de ne plus parler.

Voir Tsunami [Expressions] pour une biographie complète.


  • “I am immune from sanity or insanity – I am an empty present box all unwrapped for someone else’s disposal. I am a throw away egg-shell with no life inside me – for I am not touchable but a slave to nothingness.” [Citations]
  • Silent Twins, the [Littérature]

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